Tech Trends that will Change Future of Gaming

Tech Trends that will Change Future of Gaming

The gaming industry has come a long way in its quest to capture the hearts of the game lovers. Beginning with simple 2D (two dimensional) graphics and simple challenges to overcome, the gate of opportunities was opened and looking at the progress that has ensued over since, then indeed much has been achieved and much has been inspired by growing nature of technology.

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Due to the insatiable nature of innovation and the constant rate at which technological advancement is happening, the good news is about to break forth in the gaming industry and gamers around the world are about to have the best times in their lives. We are not only talking about live gaming like what we can see in live games but other incredible heralds. Without taking too long, let us expose what is about to revolutionize the gaming world and inflict a smile on all gamers.

3D Technology

Even though the 3D technology has existed for about a century now, its breakthrough in the gaming sphere has been marred by various challenges chief of which turned out to be the monetary resources it demanded for its implementation. Due to the exorbitant nature of costs it required, the technology never took flight until recently when films have managed to use it. Companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Google who are the big players are silently developing technology geared towards making the experience of Virtual Reality more interactive and hence more awesome.

Virtual Reality

The mention of Virtual Reality cannot be mentioned without mentioning the Oculus Rift. This Oculus Rift brought a lot of euphoria back in 2012 and four years later, it has the grit to promise virtual reality experience laced with excitement and satisfaction. Sony and other big players such as Valkyrie have also made announcements to release the Sony VR headset and they will be selling them at a cheaper price compared to its competitors. Such progress checked by the power of competition, will lead to further development and hence better quality of pictures and better levels of user gamer experience.

Gone will be the days when screens will own the motion of the game pictures. Gone will be the days of boring and annoying graphics and gone will be the days when gaming is flat. It is a new era and a unique dawn with Virtualization taking the approach that it is taking.

Virtual reality is not the only craze that will change the course and the tradition of gaming but other technologies such as Microsoft's IllumiRoom that scans the room wherein it is, maps its geography of and makes the amazing show of projecting games onto the surface of the walls and features surrounding the TV. This mixes the real and virtual  environments in a way that is completely new in the world. The illumiRoom will open new paths of expression for developers and artists which points towards new and better games. Well gamers, the good news is that the future is surely bright.

Online Gambling

How about the world of online gambling? One would keenly ask. Well, the explosion of the cellular phone industry is such a game changer in online gaming whereby smartphones and tablets mixed with the proliferation of wifi hotspots around the world will bring mobile gaming to the top cream.

Mobile live casinos are now trending owing to the availability of internet connectivity and mobile devices.

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